Running on Empty

This has been coming. I feel like I’ve been running on empty for a few days and so, after 86 consecutive days of new fiction, I have to bring the run to an end. Much of it is to do with circumstances at home – my wife’s job combining with the school holidays, upcoming deadlines for the MA, my long-term WIPs and trying to earn just a few pounds, means I just haven’t had time to dedicate to new fiction here in the last few days.

There are three or four ongoing stories on here that I want to pursue, but they need time to make them good, so I’m thinking of possibly writing every other day. This will have the benefit of allowing the stories to breathe a little. Sometimes I feel I’ve been putting stuff up so regularly that stories gets pushed down the page a little quickly before they’ve had the attention they deserve.

I also feel like I need to refill the creative tank a little – get out and soak up some life, make notes, earwig conversations, look at some art, watch some telly – to get some new ideas. So that’s that. I’m not going anywhere, I just might not be here every single day.

I feel guilty, and now think why didn’t I just spend the last 20 minutes writing some fiction, but I think I need to give myself permission to not to. Hope that’s okay (of course it is Ben, who are you kidding?) and all being well, there’ll be a story tomorrow! Thanks so much for reading. I’ve been doing this for just under three months and to have over 700 followers is a genuine honour, so thank you again.