Hello, I’m Ben. That’s not my dog. I found him in a park and reunited him with his owner. So I had a dog for about 20 minutes and he was lovely.

Anyway, come for the flash fiction, stay for the sense of wonder at meaning derived from weird symbols on a screen. I was a sports journalist for 17 years before giving it up in December 2016 to chase the writing dream. I know, what an idiot, right?

At the very least, I write flash fiction here as much as time allows, while working on a couple of longer projects that will hopefully one day help me feed my two kids. In the meantime, if you want to contact me, try justpunchtheclock@yahoo.co.uk, or I’m @fictionalben on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you like what I read, please hit ‘like’ – it means the world to know that my words have reached a stranger and not made them vomit.