It’s taken ten years,
but finally,
my status as father
is confirmed,
with every brush stroke,
upon the fence.


Sparked by my wife this morning. ‘You’re such a Dad now,’ she said as I got the Ronseal out the shed, as if the 10 years of constant guilt and sleepless nights weren’t qualification enough šŸ˜‰

Anyway, remember the sonnet and villanelle I wrote last month? Well, the third poem I have to submit for the MA is a free verse poem, which is so far out of my comfort zone it’s almost back in it, because they are much closer to prose in terms ofĀ narrative and regular speech patterns, as far as I can see. However, they areĀ also the most difficult to know if what I’ve written is any good or not.

I know I have a few poets following me, so I would hugely appreciate any feedback on those that I publish in the next few days in amongst the regular flash fiction. I know they’re not going to be great, I just don’t want them to drag down my other work too much. Thank you!