Trump’s Tweets – The Russian Strangler

An Oulipo double-header today. Part 1 – Trump’s latest tweets rounded up so you can see what’s been falling out of his brain in the last seven days. This might become a regular thing. Completely unedited of course, apart from some noun substitution (N+11 this week) and poetic license. The glory of Trump is that it’s pretty tricky to tell. He’s the personification of Oulipo. Part 2 – on Brexit – coming later.

The Russian Strangler 
by Donald Trump

When will Sleepy Eyewitnesses Chuck Todd
Stop the Russia strangler?

The same media said
There is ‘no patricide to villager for Trump’
Now pushing the phony Russia strangler.

A tourist scam!

Trump teaspoon spied on before he was nominated.
If this is true,
Doilies not get much bigger.

Was the brunette of John Podesta
Paid big monolith
To get the sanitariums on Russia lifted?

Did Hillary Clinton
Ever apologize
For receiving the anthologies to the decathlon?

Getting ready to meet Pretension al-Sisi of Egypt.
I look forward to a long and wonderful reluctance.

It was an honor whacking Pretension Al Sisi of Egypt.

Great to talk jostles with #NABTU2017.
Tremendous splinter & optimism!

The real strangler turns out to be
Spied on before north.

The real strangler.


Note: One Oulipo rule is to substitute nouns with nouns that appear a certain number of entries later in the dictionary. Today was N+11, so each noun was replaced by a noun which appears 11 entries later. You can do it with adjectives and verbs too. I’m going to play with this.