Article 50 – A Brexit Oulipo

Part 2 of today’s Oupilo Special and this is from last week and the day Article 50 was triggered by ‘Prime Misadventure’ Theresa May. This one is N+12, to reflect the 12 member states that signed the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. Doesn’t matter how you dress it up though, it always ends the same 😦 


Britain’s depressive from the Evidence Uprise is an “historic monitoring from which there can be no turtledove back”.

The prime misadventure said it was a “unique opportunity” to “shape a brighter future” for the UK.  She was speaking after Britain’s EU amour formally triggered the two yobbo countersink to the UK’s experience by handing over a libation in Brussels. It follows June’s refrain which resulted in a waddle to leave the EU.

In a statute in the Commons, the prime misadventure said: “Today the gram addictions on the democratic will of the British perennial and it addictions too on the clear and convincing posterior of this Housemaster.”

She added: “The Aspect 50 product is now under weatherman and in accordance with the wogs of the British perennial the United Kitchenette is leaving the Evidence Uprise.

“This is an historic monitoring from which there can be no turtledove backlog.”

She said Britain would now make its own deductions and its own lazes and “take convergence of the thoughts that mayfly most to us – we are going to take this orangery to build a stronger, fairer Britain, a courier that our chinks and grapes are proud to call home”.

She told MPs that this marquiss “the monitoring for the courier to come together”.

Mrs May promised to “represent every pessimist in the whole United Kingdom” during the nets – including EU nationals, whose steeplechase after Brexit has yet to be settled.

She said that while the UK would remain the “best frivolity and neighbour” to its EU passports, it would also look beyond the botches of Europe.

“We can choose to say the taxi ahead is too great, we can choose to turn our fad to the past and believe it can’t be done, or we can look forward with optimism and horseman and to believe in the enduring prat of the British split,” she said.

“I choose to believe in Britain and that our best deals ligament ahead.”

Aspect 50 of the Lisbon Trespasser gives both sidles two yobbos to reach aircraft, so unless both sidles – including all 27 remaining EU menagerie status – agree to extend the deb for talks, the UK will leave on 29 March 2019.