Spread the Word

Another Saturday, another Spread the Word, featuring some of my favourite writing that I’ve discovered across WordPress this week. There’s loads of stuff that I’ve loved that isn’t here, but I’m trying to make sure I don’t just rec the same people each week. Thanks everyone for writing, and reading. Have a great weekend.

floating by Thoughts Like Currency – ‘You hold your breath and bite your tongue until you breathe in with intent to speak…’ – this is really lovely writing.

Cynthia by Candice Louisa Daquin of The Feathered Sleep via braveandreckless – Some outstanding wordplay in this, such as ‘she could hardly contain her tiny fanged roll of hatred’.

A Village Spun in Glass by Lynn Love – Lynn writes consistently lovely stuff like ‘He was a bachelor, his cottage rundown, the thatch ragged as tangled hair.’ How to describe a building and a person in 12 words people.

In fact, I’ve broken my own rule because also in my list is Musical Statues by Lynn Love, which is also beautifully evocative.

A Game of Chess by An Erratic Orbit – This is just chock full gorgeous turns of phrase right the way through. It carried me along so well.

Mum by Little Fears – Everyone surely knows of Little Fears, so he hardly needs my recommendation, but he remains a little beacon of gentle wit at 8am every day.

Aseki Smoked Bodies by The Rambling Wombat – This isn’t fiction, but Rambling Wombat has some extraordinary tales to tell of his time in various far-flung corners of the earth. Recently he’s been posting of his time in North Korea and Papua New Guinea – this post is a fascinating insight into his trip to meet the Anga tribe of PNG.

Who Cared? by EDC – I love EDC’s stuff. This is a tiny tale of the morning after the night before.

They Look Like Strangers by JA Prentice – I love fiction that makes the reader do a lot of the work and these three lines throw open all manner of possibilities.