Spread the Word

Thought it might be nice on a Saturday to spread the love a bit and post up links to some of my favourite short fiction of the last week. I only decided to do this on Thursday, so I have scooted through my likes to find a few links to begin with. I’ve read so much ace stuff this week, so sorry if I haven’t included you – next week will be a more extensive list. If I’ve liked your work, I really do like it. I’m not a willy-nilly liker, so to speak.

This is just stuff I like. I make no claims to be a great critic or judge, but it seems the right thing to do to share writing I’ve found and enjoyed.

Firstly, thank you to everyone for writing so much amazing fiction. Secondly, thank you to everyone for reading my stuff. The feedback is so heartwarming. So here we go…

Repetition by Graham Wynd – A superb, quiet tale of identity and abuse with a terrific payoff

Never Give Up by Sarah Doughty – Sarah writes daily little nuggets of gorgeous poetry.

the hideout (400) by tuckedintoacorner – I’m not sure how I would describe this story, but reminded me of Tom McCarthy’s absurdism. I really like it.

The Eyrie by Richard Ankers – This 50-word tale is stocked full of great imagery

Nice Day by Grimbeau – Brilliantly absurd poem that makes me smile every time I read it

Wed Wabbit by The Heel and the Toe – The phrase ‘Knight Wider Wewuns’ worth the admission price alone.

Accidentally Pregnant by Reggie Rivett – a great 200-word story that builds a new world really effectively.

Flash, bang, wallop! by Al Merson – Al has just started writing 50-word stories and it’s fair to say he doesn’t do anything by halves. Five in one day of increasing complexity deserves recognition.

Have a great weekend.