Plotting a New Course

Today I made the decision to expand The Last of Logan to a full 52-card deck. I have been tinkering with with a view to turning it into a novella for the last couple of weeks, but I realised today its USP, and soul, is as a Pokemon card deck.

The story as it stands is 24 cards because of the word-count limit on the MA module for which it was submitted, but if it’s to see the light of day in the outside world, it needs to be beefed up to a full deck. The extra cards, and a slight adjustment in their layout, will give me more room to flesh out the characters, add more subplot and give the story a bit more room to breathe, although it’s important to me that it keeps its claustrophobic, intense feel. Every single word has to count.

It’s exciting to be working on the cards again after a couple of months away. I think the 24-card story stands up on its own, but a complete deck will be a much more complete experience for the reader. If the cards are well-produced, with some nice artwork, I really think they could be a fantastic, unique product that you might find on the next to the till at Waterstones. That’s my dream, anyway.