Spread the Word

I’m really sorry, but this week’s Spread the Word is a bit skimpy. My wife has been away for work all week, so it’s just been me and the kids and I’ve not had as much time to read through the WordPress universe as I would have liked.

Still, here’s five that caught the eye. Happy reading.

A Kiss Without Benefits by counting ducks – I love the lyrical style of this. It offers such a lovely contrast to the subject matter.

Story I Wrote When I Was Ten 1 by Random Shoes – This is such a great idea. The start of a bunch of stories written back when this person was 10. It’s a Sherlock spoof and really good too!

Big Sister says put down 1984 and read Parable of the Sower instead by Yes We Have No – This isn’t fiction, but it is a really good feature about the alternatives to 1984 should we want to read powerful dystopian fiction.

We Live Everywhere by Papershots – Papershots’ writing is right up my alley. The economy of style is so precise, extracting as much meaning as possible from as few words as possible.

Bleach Might Help by Scarlett Sauvage – Scarlett posts consistently great flash fiction. I love this 50-worder…