Tales from the Top Deck

Look out, I’ve thought of something.

Back in 2009, I began a quest to travel on every London bus route from start to finish and write about my adventures. There are around 450 routes in London and over the following three years I managed to knock out about 120 of them. There was a blog, inevitably, but as kids and life overtook me, I was unable to continue. I will perhaps resume in my dotage.

What I do have however, are many, many pages of notes from my hundreds of hours spent pootling arround the capital, so March will be a month of stories inspired by those travels. In truth, three or four of my stories over the last six weeks already have, while Come Home Adam has lots of stuff inspired by various bus trips, but I thought it’d be nice to get proper use from this time.

I think it’s important to say these will be fictional stories inspired by those travels, not just a recounting of disparate events. They will hopefully hang together as a series though. The other thing I’ve been thinking of is introducing a recurring character or two, to see how they develop through different stories. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy them and thanks for reading. I passed 100 WordPress followers this week and if I could give you all a big hug I would.