Switching it up

Hello all. A couple of people asked me about the song that sparked yesterday’s ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, so here it is. Meanwhile, today’s 50-worder marks the 35th straight day I’ve put up a 50-word story. I’m not sure how many people have died in those 1,750 words, although everyone apart from three astronauts perished in one of them so it’s already running into the billions.
What a monster.

However, while I’m really enjoying writing them, I do feel I need to change it up a little, so from tomorrow I’m going to start doing 100-word stories every day.

Most will be original (ha!) while some might be expanded versions of stories already written. Of the 35 50-workers done so far, three of them have combined to form part of a 2,000-word piece, one has become a 1,500-worder while another is taking on a life of its own and may even stretch to a novella.

Writing 100-word stories requires exactly the same discipline, but allows me room to develop ideas a teeny-bit more. We’ll see how it goes anyway.

One thing I’m also going to start doing is linking off to and championing great writing when I find it. I’ll start with Al Merson, who was kind enough to link to me yesterday and wrote a piece of flash fiction called Red Kite. Have a look.