First steps

Hi all. Just a quick one to say that my short story ‘Corrupt Code’ – which forms part of The Last of Logan – is to be published by the lovely people at Storgy magazine in April.

It’s the first thing I’ve ever submitted for publication, so I’m assuming this is how the publishing game works, right? You write, you get published, you dine out on hubris for eternity. Jokes!

This is a big thing for me though, because I feel, after 10 years of writing and writing and writing and finally, in the last year, finding my voice and the sort of writer I want to be, I am inching towards my imagined promised land. I’ve worked so hard to get my writing to where it is, so to get this first short story published means the world.

My MA comes to an end in the summer and I am currently deciding whether to continue with an MFA or PhD as I would like to be able to teach in the future. Since I don’t write genre fiction, I don’t imagine ever making much money from my writing, so supplementing it through teaching would be ideal.

Anyway, you should totally check out Storgy – it’s a great site with some very excellent fiction. But then I would say that wouldn’t I? 🙂