The Last of Logan (update)

I am, I hope, no more than a couple of weeks away from finishing The Last of Logan. It is all written, save for some minor editing, so I just need to ‘build’ the cards. On Tuesday this week, I stumbled upon the realisation that I needed to redesign the cards, both to make them look more colourful and visually engaging, and also so I could truly call them my own design, as opposed to being based on a Pokemon card template. Anyway, I’m really pleased with the result and so I thought I’d share the first seven cards of the story.

The story, for those who have missed earlier updates, is that of a 12-year-old boy, Jefferson Lane, getting over the death of his older brother, told through a deck of 52 Pokemon-style cards. Jefferson views the world through the prism of video games and Pokemon etc, so it seemed a good way to tell his story.

Anyway, here are the first seven cards. WordPress will only allow me to post jpegs instead of pdfs so there is a drop in quality, but hopefully they come out ok here. I hope you like. As far as the artwork is concerned, it’s mine (via a couple of apps), but I would love it if a proper illustrator wanted to get involved, so consider this a call to arms.