Making A Killing

It’s taken two stops on the 5.12pm from Waterloo, but Alfie Twitch finally catches the eye of the girl sitting opposite. He smiles and asks what she is reading.
‘The Girl On The Train,’ she says.
‘Oh, the irony.’
She smiles a wan smile and returns to her book.
‘Do you always get this train then? I’ve never seen you before.’
‘No. I’m early because I’m out tonight.’
‘Out on a school night. Naughty girl.’
Alfie Twitch leans forward.
‘I remember those days. At Uni I lived in a house with 10 people and it was mental.’ The girl’s eyes flick from her book to Alfie to her book to the man sitting next to Alfie reading the Metro to Alfie. Finally, she closes the book and puts it on her lap. ‘One night we all went out for someone’s birthday and pretty much doubled the number of people in the club. We started limbo dancing and then anyone who wanted to get into the club had to limbo past us. It was crazy.’
The girl nods and fiddles with her phone.
‘Don’t get time for that these days. Too much work makes Alfie a dull boy, know what I mean?’
‘Absolutely,’ she says, her smile genuine this time. She pushes her hair behind an ear. Alfie adjusts his cap, leans back and relaxes.
‘Where are you off to then?’ he says.
‘I’ve got a job.’
‘Sweet. What do you do?’
Alfie flips open his wallet and produces a business card in one slick, well-rehearsed motion.
‘Just contract stuff,’ she says. ‘It’s usually pretty quick and painless, so I like it.’
‘Great,’ says Alfie. He hands her his card.
‘Thank you,’ she says. ‘This is really useful.’